The Witch's Throne: Interview With the Author

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In preparation for the release of The Witch's Throne, I've been preparing promotional materials, like the interview below that will be included on the book's Amazon product description page. Thought I'd share it here...

Interview with the Author

Q - What makes the Thea Drake Mystery series special?

A – I would say because of the meaning behind each mystery. When I began to plan and write the books, I intended to create a series with resonance beyond each puzzle to solve. I wanted to write a compelling mystery with reason for the reader to go back and enjoy the story again, finding new value with multiple readings.

As a lifelong mystery reader, and a fan of horror and classic ghost stories, I set out to create a series of paranormal mysteries with a strong hold in rationality. Some of my favorite traditional mystery stories involve paranormal themes. Think Hound of the Baskervilles or The Pale Horse by Agatha Christie—even the early Scooby-Doo cartoons! All of these stories involved paranormal mysteries solved by rational, if sometimes bizarre, explanations.

Q - What can readers expect from each book and the series as a whole?

A – Each book in the Thea Drake series offers a paranormal mystery explained by reason and logic, resulting in insight into the characters’ beliefs and reactions to supernatural events.

Each book offers a puzzling mystery, believable, well-developed characters, a plot that moves forward at a steady clip, and a sincere, insightful meditation on the mysteries of the human heart.

The entire series is ultimately about why we indulge in these fantasies about ghosts, witches, psychics, and the whole paranormal realm. It's about the lengths to which people go to add meaning to their lives through stories, imagination, even self-deception.

Characters in this series are drawn to concepts they deem too dangerous or difficult to explore in reality—love, death, fear—so they evoke them with stories, making sense of them from the safety of their inner world of fantasy. By blaming a loved one’s death on a witch’s curse, for instance.   

Q – In what order should I read the books?

A –

Book 1: The Witch’s Throne – Thea must find a rational explanation for the strange circumstances of her husband’s death.

Book 2: Haunts of the Brethren – Thea searches for buried treasure, her missing friend, and the truth about a woman who claims to be 350 years old.

Book 3: Come In, Charlie – Thea attempts to find a missing teenage girl who disappears during a demon-summoning game.

Q – Who should give these books a try?

A – Mystery readers who enjoy amateur sleuths solving paranormal mysteries with thematic resonance will enjoy reading about Thea Drake.

Thea is a strong female protagonist with flaws, a recent widow who built her entire life around her late husband. Now that he is gone, she struggles to build a new life with no idea what that life should look like.  

Book One, The Witch’s Throne, begins as Thea is struggling to find belief in herself. Standing in her way are ordinary challenges wrapped in extraordinary circumstances. As the series progresses, Thea finds belief (and therefore increased strength and power) in herself, despite these challenges. Through each mystery she solves, and each truth she uncovers, she learns to accept herself and others.

Bottom line, the series is about all the different ways in which people can be haunted and how we find peace through our choices and beliefs.

I sincerely hope you enjoy, and thanks for reading!