The Witch's Throne Available September 12

It's finally here. I have FINALLY completed the first novel in my planned mystery series. Why has the process taken so long? 

One word: Kids. 

I am a parent. For those of you who are also parents, I need say no more. For those of you who aren't, I'm sure you can imagine, based on all the complaining your parent friends and acquaintances indulge in, the extent of time and energy sucked from those who procreate.

And yet, I persevere! In three short weeks, the first book in the Thea Drake Mysteries series (and my first completed novel, ever) will appear on Amazon. 

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A Witch’s Curse.

A Century of Unexplained Deaths.


Recent widow Thea Drake wants to forget about the paranormal—ghosts, demons, psychics, all of it. After her husband George, a professional skeptic, dies in a tragic accident while researching his final case—the curse of The Witch’s Throne—Thea wants only to provide their two daughters with a new version of normal for their future.

But when George’s greatest rival, renowned psychic Beverly Donneville, claims that George was in fact the curse’s seventh victim, Thea grows suspicious of the supernatural circumstances surrounding her husband’s death. She travels back to the site of the Witch’s Throne in the old-growth forests of a small town in Oregon to find the truth…and uncovers a mystery larger—and more dangerous—than she expected.

Book One of the Thea Drake Mysteries