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Thank you for being here! 

I am a writer of mystery, fantasy, and historical fiction. In 2017, I debuted my first series, the Thea Drake Mysteries. 

Like many bookish people, I've harbored a lifelong ambition to write fiction for a living. From a childhood spent with my nose in a book, through completing an M.A. in English and a brief time as a writing instructor, I've never strayed far from literary pursuits. 

Today, I write stories for print and digital media. 

I publish my own fiction, and I have been writing online content and blogging since 2007. 

Because I struggled for many years with self-doubt and creative anxiety in my own writing, part of my work is devoted to helping other writers finish their novels

Browse my expanding collection of online fiction, visit my Amazon Author page to buy books, or sign up for my Advance Readers Group to receive a free advance digital copy of my novels before each book is released.